Practial and Functional Easy Woodworking Projects

Practial and Functional Easy Woodworking Projects

By Lew Ross 1/26/11You may have already completed the traditional easy wood working projects such as bird houses, dog houses, saw horses and the like.  Now you’re ready to advance your DIY woodworking skills.The most practical thing you can do is outfit your woodworking shop with woodworking tables, workbenches, lumber racks and shelves. These few things will be crucial to your woodworking success and are all relatively easy woodworking projects to build yourself, especially if you follow well prepared plans. The all time favorite shop table for professional woodworkers is the “outfeed table” no woodworking shop should be without one. An outfeed table is the same height as your table saw and allows you to feed wood through the saw on to the table without assistance or additional support. It can be equipped with a vise and storage drawers as you desire so that it may double as an all around workbench as well as an outfeed table.  Practial and Functional Easy Woodworking Projects

You can use it for assembly and other woodworking functions when you’re not sawing.  Search the web for plans and pictures of this core woodworking shop item or visit your local cabinet shop and look at one.Also a very practical and functional choice for easy woodworking projects for everyday ‘do it yourself woodworkers’ is “outdoor furniture”, there are thousands of plans for all types of furniture available online.  A picnic table plan or one of the lawn chair plans should be fairly easy for the DIY woodworker to follow and successfully complete. Study the plan long enough to be sure you understand the steps necessary for a particular design and if it requires skills or tools you don’t posses look for a different design.  Most outdoor furniture designs use relatively basic woodworking technique’s and are forgiving of mistakes, ideal for DIY woodworking.

If you find that you don’t like a plan or have a problem with it you probably don’t want to buy another one for this reason I suggest buying a plan package, this has saved me many times from having wasted money on individual plans that I never used.Find plans for these woodworking projects and thousands of others at and receive a 30% discount on Ted’s Woodworking Plans thats $47.00 instead of the usual $67.00. Yes for a one time charge of $47.00 you will receive over 16,000 woodworking plans and projects.