Kids Plans

Kids Plans It’s not easy to find woodworking projects that are truly suitable for kids. This collection contains a huge selection for all ages and interests, bird feeders and bird houses, hundreds of toys, puzzles, animals, and step stools. There are so many woodworking projects suitable for children it’s hard to see them all.Woodworking Plans and Projects for ChildrenBy Lew Ross 1/29/11Woodworking can be a fun hobby no matter what your age. Undoubtedly if you’re spending time in the workshop eventually your kids will be there too, wanting to build something just like Dad.

Kids Plans

There are thousands of projects for children to choose from depending on the child’s age; it can, however, be a challenge to find things to build with steps the child can safely perform. Children under the age of eight must be constantly supervised  and should only be allowed to use the safest of hand tools, like hammers, wood rasps, screwdrivers and the like. Many of the toy projects are traced from patterns then cut on a band saw or with a jig saw, the young child could trace out the pieces that you would cut. Another step the child could safely perform is rounding and sanding, be sure to give the child directions on how to avoid splinters. Painting is also a safe step for young children, but be absolutely sure of the products safety.Older children like to build projects that are a little more challenging, and really seem to prefer those that have a functional purpose like step stools and ladders. Most children over the age of twelve can be introduced to the safer  power tools such as drills and band saws.

Tools like table saws, routers and cutoff saws can be extremely dangerous and are not recommended until children can demonstrate safe work habits  with all other tools.Well made wooden toys can almost last forever and can become memorable childhood keepsakes. There are many sources of plans for children’s toys and woodworking projects for children  available on the web. I recommend  you purchase a woodworking plans package online, they are not expensive and they allow you to look over many plans in detail before selecting your child’s woodworking project.